Encaustic Workshops
Workshops are designed to introduce new students to encaustic painting, as well as allow those with experience the space and equipment to experiment and practice techniques.  For those with limited background in 2D art, I will provide guidance on composition and color if desired. 
Experienced participants are also welcome to bring materials they would like to incorporate into their encaustic art. If you choose to bring a photo, make sure is has high contrast, is printed on paper via a copier or printer that is NOT ink jet.

Encaustic is very dynamic and what I call "bossy."  Due to the fluid nature of the medium, effects are often unpredictable.  Therefore, if you like to paint using a frame of reference or photo I suggest simple landscapes with contrasting land and sky. 

Each workshop is scheduled for 4 hrs, and costs $120.  Participants are supplied with all materials and may make as many pieces as they like (average is 3-4 pieces, approximately 8" x 8", sizes vary).  i
Due to space and safety, we limit each workshop to 8 participants. 

We recommend you wear clothing and shoes you don't mind getting paint/wax on.  It is also important not to wear loose clothing or long sleeves that drape as we use propane and butane torches. 

First and foremost we want you to have fun and enjoy the experience. 

2020 Workshops

Saturday, March 14:  9:00am -1:00pm
Sunday, March 29: 1:00pm - 5:00pm