Art by Corinn Simpkins
Where to see our work
When people view our work in person we are always told that pictures never do the work justice.  The texture and luminosity of the wax is lost in a 2D format. 
Our house serves as our main gallery.   We typically have 40-50 paintings hanging throughout our home at all times.  The studio is located on the premises where you can see work in progress.  Although I do my best to keep the gallery up to date, there is always more work available than shown.  In some cases, pieces are purchased while in work, and do not get posted to our site.  If you are interested in seeing the body of our work and our studio please contact us, we'd love to give you a private showing.

Our work is also available at Infusion Gallery, located in Troutdale, OR

Encaustic Painting
Encaustics is actually one of the oldest art forms practiced by artists from Ancient Greece and Egypt.  Encaustic art involves fusing together layers of molten wax mixed with resin.  The wax mixture is often colored with pigments and can be used to paint, sculpt, collage, and incorporate with other multi-media.
With  the ease of obtaining equipment and supplies along with modern tools, encaustic art techniques have been gaining in popularity since the late 1990's.  The versatility of the medium allows for tremendous creativity and exploration.
I know, I'm often asked "encausti-what?"
Google the History of Encaustics and you will undoubtedly receive a plethora of information.  However, I can provide you a brief explanation.